Fort Myers Home Watch Services

Established in 2006, our locally owned and operated Fort Myers home watch service provides you with peace of mind when you are away from home. With our checklist customized for your home, we keep your home safe from damage caused by pests, water, mold, power outages, air-conditioning and appliance failures, intrusion, and vandalism. We maintain a list of pre-screened vendors for anything your home may need while you are away.

How our Fort Myers home watch service works

We create a customized checklist for your home and affix a sticker to your electrical box, which our inspectors electronically scan to bring up your customized 30-point home watch checklist. We then inspect your home against that list and the resulting report is emailed to you. If the inspection reveals urgent problems, we email you immediately and work with you to resolve those problems. We offer weekly and bi-weekly service plans, so you can rest assured that your home is constantly protected.

Concierge Fort Myers home watch service is available

In addition to conducting your 30-point home watch inspection, we can start your car and check the tires; pick your car up or drop it off for shipping; and check your boat, RV, or outbuildings.

We can accept deliveries on your behalf, test your alarm system, and meet vendors when you are not home.

We can provide you with car service to and from the airport. We will open up and clean your home. Using your grocery list, we can stock your refrigerator before you arrive at your home. When you leave your Fort Myers home, we will empty your refrigerator, clean your home and close it up.

Our Fort Myers home watch service can help with hurricane preparations

We will conduct a pre-storm inspection, assist with any storm preparations you have customized in your service plan, such as putting down hurricane shutters, and we’ll conduct a post-storm inspection, reporting any damage to you.

Always choose a licensed, insured, and accredited home watch service

With people in and out your home when you are away, you want someone you can trust to provide you with home watch services. Our Fort Myers home watch service is licensed and insured, and we are accredited by the National Home Watch Association.


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