Home Watch Concierge Services

We offer many personalized services to help you maintain and enjoy your home. We start with a car service to and from the airport. We’ll open up and clean your home before you arrive. We’re also happy to use your grocery list to shop so your refrigerator is stocked when you get home.

When you’re not home or can’t be home, we’ll meet your vendors to give them access to your property and ensure their work is completed. We can also accept deliveries on your behalf.

In addition to our 30 point inspection, we can check on your vehicle while we’re there. We will start your car and check the tires. We’re also available to pick up your car or drop it off for shipping. If you have an out building, boat, RV, etc, we can check on those as well. We can also test your security alarm.

At the end of your stay, leave it to us. We’ll give your home a good cleaning and close it up when we’re finished.

In the event of a hurricane, we’re ready to help with any preparations. We’ll come by and conduct a pre-storm inspection. Once the storm has passed, we’ll conduct a post-storm inspection and report any damage to your home.

Need something else? Give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.

Special Concierge Services

Would you like to come to your South West Florida home more often but the hassle of opening up, cleaning, stocking and closing back up for a short vacation just too much of a hassle? Let HomeWatch Group of SWFL take the work off of your hands! We will open up your home, stock your refrigerator with food per your grocery list, clean your home and when you leave we will empty out your refrigerator, clean your home and close it back up. Just call us to arrange exactly what you need and for your next get away come back to your home in SWFL!


Let us answer all your questions or concerns you may have about protecting your home.

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  • Accept deliveries
  • Meet service providers/vendors
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cleaning
  • Hurricane preparation

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